Box Box Release Timeline

June 1st, 2022

Box Box Discord Launch

September 1st, 2022

Box Box NFT Public Sale

01 2023

Open first location in Miami, FL

03 2023

Open second location based on member voting

May 5th, 2022

Box Box launches prior to the Miami GP

August 1st, 2022

Box Box NFT Presale

Q4 2023

Box Box owned cars are purchased & available to members in Miami, Florida

02 2023

Exclusive section at the Miami GP

Membership Allocation


100 F3, 100 F2 & 100 F1 Private sale August 1st, 2022

Future Public Launch

5000 Tokens: There will be a total of 3 membership tiers F3, F2,and F1. Each tier will have 2,000 memberships per level.

Public Launch

2700 Tokens: 900 F3, 900 F2 & 900 F1, Public launch September 1, 2022

Future Public Launch

900 Tokens: 300 F3, 300 F2, and 300 F1. Held back for brand building, engagement of the NFT community, creating partnerships and collaborations, or to sell to ensure the project is sustainable and scalable.


Juha Mikkola

⦿ Exited tech entrepreneur (most recently Wyncode)

⦿ Creator of the Miami F1 fan club

⦿ Son of world champion race car driver

⦿ Car & tech enthusiast


Johanna Mikkola

⦿ Exited tech founder & CEO

⦿ Selected Female Entrepreneur of the Year

⦿ Board Member, EO, Tech Hub South Florida, IFF

⦿ Entrepreneur in Residence, Babson College